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    HITACHI[Hitachi Semiconductor]
Part No. HD74LS90 HD74LS HD74LS290 HD74LS154 HD74LS00DA HD74LS00DN HD74LS00DP HD74LS00 HD74LS95B HD74LS01 HD74LS02 HD74LS03 HD74LS04 HD74LS05 HD74LS06 HD74LS07 HD74LS08 HD74LS09 HD74LS10 HD74LS107A HD74LS109A HD74LS11 HD74LS112 HD74LS113 HD74LS114 HD74LS12 HD74LS122 HD74LS123 HD74LS125A HD74LS126A HD74LS13 HD74LS132 HD74LS136 HD74LS138 HD74LS139 HD74LS14 HD74LS145 HD74LS148 HD74LS15 HD74LS151 HD74LS152 HD74LS153 HD74LS155 HD74LS156 HD74LS157 HD74LS158 HD74LS159 HD74LS160 HD74LS161A HD74LS162A HD74LS163A HD74LS164 HD74LS165A HD74LS166A HD74LS170 HD74LS174 HD74LS175 HD74LS181 HD74LS190 HD74LS191 HD74LS192 HD74LS193 HD74LS194A HD74LS195A HD74LS20 HD74LS21 HD74LS22 HD74LS221 HD74LS240 HD74LS241 HD74LS242 HD74LS243 HD74LS244 HD74LS245 HD74LS247 HD74LS248 HD74LS249 HD74LS251 HD74LS253 HD74LS257 HD74LS258 HD74LS259 HD74LS26 HD74LS266 HD74LS27 HD74LS273 HD74LS279 HD74LS280 HD74LS283 HD74LS293 HD74LS298 HD74LS299 HD74LS30 HD74LS32 HD74LS365A HD74LS366A HD74LS368A HD74LS37 HD74LS373 HD74LS374 HD74LS375 HD74LS38 HD74LS386 HD74LS390 HD74LS393 HD74LS40 HD74LS42 HD74LS47 HD74LS48 HD74LS49 HD74LS490 HD74LS51 HD74LS54 HD74LS55 HD74LS640 HD74LS640-1 HD74LS641 HD74LS641-1 HD74LS642 HD74LS642-1 HD74LS645 HD74
Ouadruple 2-input Positive NAND Gates

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Renesas Electronics Corporation

Part No. 74LS153FPEL-E
Description 74LS153FPEL-E
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For 74LS153 Found Datasheets File :: 11+       Page :: | 1 | <2> |   

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